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I’m not one to do basic anything. But there are a few things I think every fatshionista should have in her wardrobe just to make things easier. These pieces don’t have to be boring; in fact there are multiple styles of each piece you can choose to make them yours. Here’s a rundown of my building blocks for a fabulous wardrobe.

  • Black skirt(s). I wear nothing but skirts and dresses, so I have quite a few of these in different styles. Think about what you want to show off here. If you’ve got banging hips, pencil skirts are going to be your best friend. I love my legs, so I tend to go for minis. There’s tulip skirts, tube skirts, full skirts, ruffled skirts, A-line skirts… I’d start out with a basic A-line skirt and then build from there. A-lines tend to work for anyone.
  • Black trousers. This is going to be a go-to piece for most people. Like I said, I’m a skirt girl so I’m being kind of hypocritical here, but if I did wear pants I’d have to keep a pair of these in my wardrobe. Go for a basic silhouette like a streamlined full leg.
  • Black leggings. I may not wear trousers, but I love leggings. They’re an essential layering piece. If it’s cold out and you want to wear a skirt or dress but don’t feel like dealing with hiking up a pair of tights every 30 minutes, throw on a pair of leggings. Sizing on these is key. You may be like me, I have a gut and high hips so I need a larger waistband, but my legs are skinny so if I get a larger size the leg is baggy. Leggings are meant to stretch, so if this is your situation, go down a size. It’s doubtful that it would be uncomfortable around the waist since most are so stretchy. Just don’t tumble dry them, let them air dry so the Lycra doesn’t wear out.
  • Jeans. Or if you’re me, a jean skirt. Jeans are such a classic, I don’t think I need to tell you to pick some up. Have fun with the different cuts and styles. A fat girl in skinny jeans is not an oxymoron, it’s a beautiful thing. Don’t be afraid to try it. Boot cut and wide leg styles are also fun. Make sure you have a dark rinse pair too, and black denim is always nice.
  • Cardigans. Black and red are my favorite colors for these pieces. It’s been said that fashion-y types use cardigans as a crutch, i.e. they think they can throw them on over a cocktail dress and that makes it OK for work. Personally, I see nothing wrong with that, but I’m not always concerned about being on trend or whether or not something is a fashion faux pas. In any case, cardigans remain a staple. They’re great to throw on over a sleeveless dress if wearing it as is doesn’t appeal to you, they can add color to an outfit easily, and they can work as a top on their own. It doesn’t have to be plain, sequins, lace and leopard print are all viable and fabulous options.
  • Black dress(es). For me, one Little Black Dress isn’t enough. I love dresses, so I have a ton of black ones. But it’s not a must that you have a collection, just find one that you love and you can make it into different outfits by adding and subtracting toppers and accessories. Wear a black tank dress with a shrunken blazer or a red cardigan, or a black shift dress with a statement necklace and strappy heels with cute sparkly socks. There’s really a lot of options, so have fun with it. This is a piece that can look trendy or classic depending on how you style it.
  • Fabulous coat. Depending on where you live, this can be light or heavy. I have a simple black nylon coat for when it’s cold and rainy, but I live in Los Angeles. If you live in a cold area, you’re going to need wool and lining. Look for something adorable like faux leopard fur trim on a lined black leather coat. At least, that’s what I would do. Trenches are classic and can work in any climate. Just take the basic idea and make it yours. It doesn’t have to be any particular color, and if you have to wear coats a lot you may want to collect a few for fun.
  • Black blazer. All this black, right? Well, black is so versatile, if you’re just building a core wardrobe it’s a safe bet that your first staple pieces be black. I’m being a bit hypocritical here again, because I’m still looking for a decent black blazer. It’s such a great layering piece I think anyone should have one. There are so many different styles, like cropped, shrunken, boyfriend etc. Again, have fun with it and make it your own.
  • Plain basic t-shirts. At least a plain black t-shirt. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a short sleeved tee, it can be 3/4, long sleeved, whatever you’re most comfortable in. My one plain black shirt is a tissue tee with long sleeves. It’s a great layering piece as well. If I weren’t so busy buying dresses and fancy tops, I’d pick up a couple 3/4 sleeve tees in accent colors.

That’s about it, ladies! Obviously these are only a few pieces, so you can have tons of fun with the remainder of your wardrobe. These not-so-boring basics will just help you flesh it out.

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  • Hugh Kuenzi

    Do you plan to keep this site updated? I sure hope so… its great!

  • rosecampion

    I hate lists of things "everyone" should have in their wardrobe. Jeans, black pants, a black blazer, well, black anything almost, just go completely unworn in my wardrobe. I look like heck in black.It just washes me out and brings out the dark circles under my eyes. Also, I have a mostly white cat. Blazers are uncomfortable. So are jeans.

    My wardrobe basics are colorful dresses, vintage if I can, vintage styled if not. But I wouldn't say, "well, everyone should stuff their wardrobes with crazy print polyester vintage dresses." Because style is individual and what works for one person doesn't work for everyone.

    Okay, I've got exercise pants in black because its impossible to find them in my size in anything else. And I always wear them with a colorful top.

    • Tasha Fierce

      I didn't say you had to have anything in your wardrobe. In fact I said I didn't have some of the items. If you don't feel like the advice pertains to you, don't take it. I'm speaking to those who may want to have a more streamlined way of dressing for an environment where the items of clothing I listed would be items you would wear all the time. Like a corporate office, a law office (where I work), any number of places for which say, colorful vintage dresses, would not really be the usual wardrobe. Like I said in the post, I don't wear pants, I wear skirts and dresses. This is a site aiming to incorporate all types of fat fashion and not necessarily every post is going to speak to everyone or be helpful to everyone.

      Thank you for commenting, though. No hate.

    • Snarky's Machin

      Rose, I for one can never find any "vintage" dresses floral or otherwise – and I'm a size 14 – so again, this is about taking what you can use and leaving the rest aside. What is important here is creating a stable of foundation pieces that one is able to use as the basis of their wardrobe. not so we can all look like Funeral Parlor directors.

  • leedevious

    Looks like the stuff I need to buy for my new job at macy's. =