The Painted Lady

I'm a total beauty junkie. Although I love eye shadow and I practically collect mascara (but rarely use it), I pay particular attention to the new lipstick and nail polish colors that debut each season. So when I saw MAC's Spring Color Forecast shades, I was pretty excited. Especially since I work right across the street from a MAC store. I'll probably do a series on their color collections this season because they have quite a few. This is the pink collection, and I heart pink, so I'll showcase it first.

MAC Spring Color 1 Forecast

Bubblegum – This shade is a kind of purple-y pink, and sheer because it’s a Glaze. Not my favorite color, but gorgeous nonetheless.

Laugh A Lot – A mauve shade, it’s a Lustre so it’s not as sheer as Bubblegum, but it’s more glossy and a tiny bit shimmery.

Pink Burst – My favorite shade. This is a dark pink, and since it’s a Frost, it’s shimmery, which I love. It makes for a perfect pouty lip.

Phlox – Another glaze. This is just a light pink, so it might look good layered over another darker color. I’m not a big fan of light pinks, but this one is better than most.

Now for the nail polish. Much love to Vampy Varnish for the pictures.

OPI Meet Me On The Star Ferry – This is #1 on my to-buy list. I love, love, love this shade. If you’re light brown like me, I think it will look fabulous against your skin tone (and mine).

OPI Jade Is The New Black – I’ve never been a fan of green, but this shade changed my mind. Definitely a must buy, right after Meet Me On The Star Ferry.

OPI Dim Sum Plum – I have a ton of pink and purple shades in my collection, but I’d still love to have this one. Although it may actually match a shade I already have.

That’s it for now! I’ll definitely be posting about the rest of MAC’s collections for this season, and if I find more nail polish I fancy I’ll post that too. Happy painting!

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  • Snarky's Machin

    I love "Pink Burst"!!! I feel as though I should know this, but does M.A.C. usually do nail polish in their lip colors? If so, I would totally jump on some "Pink Burst".

    I'm meh on "Jade is the new black". I tried it out and while it's a showstopper on lighter skin tones, it did nothing new or remarkable on mine. Still, the bottle is damn purty.

    This was so fun, Ms. Fierce, and I love the new design!

  • Rita

    PINK BURST LOOKS AWESOME. Bubblegum looks rad too, but it would look terrible on me. Fun times Tasha! <3!

  • Amanda

    I LOVE MAC's new spring colors. The pink collection is just lovely. Oh, poverty, you taunt me.

  • Tasha Fierce

    MAC does nail polishes to match their collections but they don't duplicate the colors exactly. Like in the case of the Liberty collection, they put out 3 nail colors but they don't match all the lip colors, they're just colors that go along with the theme of the collection. I know, I wish they had a nail polish line that matched their lip colors, I'd die.

    Thanks about the design! xoxox

  • Tasha Fierce

    I went to the MAC store again today and I'm really digging Laugh A Lot. It's perfect for this season's nude trend, which I adore.

  • alysia

    OPI should just give me a job naming their shiz

    also, i am dying to see jade is the new black on you

  • Tasha Fierce

    I bet you'd come up with some really creative names for their polishes. They could do an "Angel" collection or something.

  • Tasha Fierce

    Wait until you see the other collections! When I went in there today it was like a wonderland!