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Killing the Muse

My “day job”, as it were, is seriously stifling my creativity. I spend all day doing things that are antithetical to creative thought. Filing, answering phones, fetching coffee. Not exactly stimulating work. My writing has to take a back seat, because the only time I have to work on it during the day is at […]

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Room With a View of the Back of Someone Else’s House

On my little vacation from blogging daily while I was over at Feministe, I spent a lot of time and some money redecorating and refurnishing my room. I got curtains for my closet (I removed the doors when we moved in some 5 years ago) so I can finally be able to look over there […]

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The Coming Race War

Well, Andrew Breitbart, smearing Shirley Sherrod in order to refute the NAACP’s resolution against “racist elements” in the Tea Party turned out to be a pretty bad idea. Yes, you cost her her job, but she’s making black people look good. It’s too bad you’re not like, a journalist, or something, and did some digging […]

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The Impermanence of Light

Tonight I did something I do less and less of these days — I came home and didn’t jump on the Internet. Didn’t rush through my meal to hurry up and check my e-mail only to be inundated with the day’s nauseating blog comments. Didn’t skip reading the book I’m almost finished with to see […]

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Look! Black People Are Totally Racist Too!

[Cross-posted from Feministe] Fox News dropped this bombshell in the early hours of July 20 (or the late night of July 19, as it is for me). Apparently someone was able to dig up a video of a black USDA worker telling an audience of other black people about having to help a white farmer […]

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When You Have To Say It: Tea Party Racism (Again) and You?

Why I continue to follow links relating to the Tea Party and whatever problematic tripe they’re spewing on that particular day, I don’t know. I only have a certain amount of anxiety medication allotted each month and I can’t afford to waste it. When I saw that the NAACP called the Tea Party a bunch […]

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From Feministe: The Master’s Publishing House

[UPDATE: I have decided not to submit to Seal Press. I'm leaving this up, but feel free to not answer the question since it's already been answered.] In working on the anthology I’m editing/contributing to, Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image, an issue has come up over whether or not I should include […]

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Outlaw Clothing: Burqas, Islamophobia and Women’s Rights

The ongoing quest of the French government to preserve their country’s “secular traditions” came to the fore once again Tuesday when the lower house of France’s parliament voted to ban women from wearing any face-covering veil, such as the infamous burqa or the less “extreme” niqab — a move obviously targeting French Muslim women, of […]

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Is White Really the Combination of All Colors?

This “family feud” has been mentioned in blog post after blog post, so I’ll keep the history short. Big “feminist” site Jezebel posts about female comedy writers not being represented in the staffing of The Daily Show. Big “feminist” site XX Factor posts about how hypocritical it is for Jezebel to post something controversial to […]

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Too Many MCs, Not Enough Meta

Okay, I’ve abandoned the “post every day” thing I had going because my life became completely crazy. I was still writing, just not blog posts. This weekend I finally got to exhale so I did a post for IFMiB and wrote a post for RVS as well — until I remembered I’m guest blogging for […]

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