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Well Look What We Have Here!

A new design! All hail the queen of web development, Lidia-Anain, AKA Toxic Euphoria, AKA an all-around amazing woman. If you’re looking to redesign your site, go to her and tell her I sent you! We’re still working out a few kinks, like the links page, and commenting is going to be weird until we […]

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Size Matters: The Dichotomy of Mismatch

Plenty has been written about the fat husband/hot wife dichotomy on TV sitcoms. The critique usually consists of disbelief that a fat man would be able to land a “hot” wife. Now, in these shows, like According To Jim, King of Queens and Still Standing, the behavior of the husbands is also often undesirable. But […]

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Size Matters: Louie, Louie

One of my favorite sometimes cringe-worthy shows is Louie on FX. I’ve long been a fan of Louis C.K., while I will admit his humor is sometimes problematic. So his new show, naturally, is hilarious and sometimes problematic. I haven’t had a big problem with it so far, but the last episode (I don’t know […]

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Size Matters: Before and After

It’s pretty much limited to reruns on the Style Network now, but when it was on ABC, one of my favorite shows to watch was Extreme Makeover. The show was hardcore; when they said “extreme” they meant it. From nose jobs to liposuction and body “resculpting” to butt implants, boob implants, tooth veneers and LASIK, […]

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Signal Boost: I Love Myself – Stories of Redemption

The awesome site/org Zora & Alice are holding their first event! Check out the flyer for more details: All y’all New York peeps should go check it out if you can! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming — a whole lot of static cause my ass needs to update.

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Size Matters: At the Intersection of Hilarious and Obscene

Fat women’s sexuality is often joked about, and when it’s not being joked about, it’s being vilified. As fat women we get the cultural messages that convince us no one would want us sexually in the state we’re in; mass media reinforces these ideas by portraying fat women’s sexuality in a mocking way or as […]

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Size Matters: Bigotry’s Last Stand?

Many times I’ve heard fat cisgendered women, mainly fat white cisgendered women, suggest that fatphobia is the “last acceptable form of bigotry.” For women without multiple oppressions, I suppose that statement could be correct. But for those who are living at the intersections of many marginalized identities, nothing could be further from the truth. I […]

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Size Matters: We’re Just Trying to Help

The Discovery Health channel is among my favorite TV channels, along with The Science Channel, TLC and the regular Discovery Channel. So a couple years ago when they started airing shows about “super morbidly obese” people getting bariatric surgery, I, of course, was quite interested. With sensationalist titles like Half-Ton Teen and World’s Largest Man, […]

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Size Matters: The Bigger The Ass, The More The Sass

When it comes to roles on television and in movies, fat actresses have few options. Instead of portraying diverse, multifaceted characters, they are usually relegated to either sassy fat sidekick or supportive fat best friend. Of course, as Marissa Audia-Raymo illustrates in her BUST Magazine article “The Fat Friend” (August/September Issue), these stereotypes ring true […]

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Size Matters: But You Have Such a Pretty Face

As there seems to be a basic lack of understanding of fat acceptance among many readers here, I think it’s appropriate to take some time out and illustrate some of what I consider the main lessons taught by the fat positivity and fat acceptance movements. I recognize that Bitch does not regularly deal with issues […]

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