Well Look What We Have Here!

A new design! All hail the queen of web development, Lidia-Anain, AKA Toxic Euphoria, AKA an all-around amazing woman. If you’re looking to redesign your site, go to her and tell her I sent you! We’re still working out a few kinks, like the links page, and commenting is going to be weird until we get the new comments system up (this means no more spammers registering fake accounts and me getting e-mails about it 100 times a day! Yay!), but I just wanted to acknowledge that yes, things are very different around here. I won’t be inaugurating the blog with actual new content until after tomorrow because I have to leave comments closed until the new system is in place. So stay tuned, y’all! Mama’s got brand new shoes!

P.S. To everyone who contributed to the Femme Conference fund, you are amazing and you are the SOLE reason I was able to be there and facilitate what turned out to be an amazing workshop. Much love to everyone who attended and participated. We really got to talk about some important issues and I WISH we had more time to talk but the slot was only for 1 1/2 hours. It definitely ended too soon. So just know that by donating you really helped a lot of people and doing that workshop is helping me shape the presentations I want to give to teens in psych facilities, which I’m working on right now. Oh! KATE BORNSTEIN attended the workshop and livetweeted it. Her twitter is @katebornstein, if you want to dig up what she tweeted. I got to speak to her before and after the workshop and she is an amazing woman. She was very supportive and reminded me SO MUCH of my beloved therapist who died last year, which made me want to just break down, but I maintained my composure.

I do have a donate button up on the side for anyone who wants to donate funds to help support those endeavors, and the blog staying ad-free, covering costs, etc. I go into my not-a-job job rarely these days, which is awesome but also scary financially. But that’s beside the point, I don’t expect you to pay my bills.

Thank you all again for being so generous. I <3 you guys.

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  • Dawn.

    Wow, I'm really digging this new look. :)

    • Tasha Fierce

      Isn’t it awesome? It’s all due to Lidia.

  • http://apprenticefeminist.blogspot.com/ maggie

    Ooo nice! I like your avatar up there too. :)

    (Incidentally/unrelatedly I just saw your weigh-in — pun intended — on the "Fat and Health" post on Feministe. Sweet cuppin' cakes. I haven't really been following Feministe much lately, so it really felt like I stumbled into some sort of alternate universe. Awful.)

    • Tasha Fierce

      I know, I can't believe that got posted on there. Having guest blogged there I know they give you total free reign, no editing, but I'd like to think if I had posted something bigoted like that they would have pulled it or at least apologized and disassociated themselves from the author and her opinion. But nothing. It's really maddening. I doubt they're going to ever say anything, either, which is so fucked.