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The Only Skins You Ever Hit Was the Skins on Your Right Hand

So. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately. Before I get into this, I will go ahead and say that this rant is specifically targeted at straight cis men. Let me also say that I am all for having standards regarding who you will or won’t date and who you you will […]

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When Fat Chicks Give Better Head

I did a post on Bitch called “Unicorns, Better Head and Other Myths” in which I briefly brought up the commonly-held belief that fat girls are better at blowjobs. Namely because they have such low self-esteem that they’re grateful for the opportunity to get anywhere near a dick, so they get really good at it. […]

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If You’ve Been Caught Slippin’…

Dating and relationships and all the messy emotions that come with it/them are a pain in the ass. Falling in love, while it feels good when it’s good, really ends up sucking when things don’t work out. Over and over again you open yourself up to be known by another person and over and over […]

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Take Off Your Clothes and Leave On Your Shoes

Even if you love your body, it can be intimidating to be completely naked in front of someone for the first time (or even the 20th time). One reason why I like wearing lingerie is actually because it gives me something sexy to have on that doesn’t have to be taken off if I don’t […]

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When Keeping it Real Goes Wrong: Why Settle?

Being fat girls, we’re often told that we need to just “take what you can get” in the field of dating. We’re supposed to have low self-esteem and jump on anything that sniffs around us. You know the stereotype of the “easy”, low self-esteemy fat chick. Besides the fact that there’s really nothing wrong with […]

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No Fat Chicks: Navigating the Dating World as a Fat Girl

Thick, curvy, voluptuous—nah. I’m a proud fat Black chick with no hangups about my size, and I have the nerve to expect a romantic interest to be comfortable with it. I learned a long time ago that I needed to love myself before anyone else was going to love me, so I’m perfectly happy being […]

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