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The Only Skins You Ever Hit Was the Skins on Your Right Hand

So. I’ve been spending a lot of time on Twitter lately. Before I get into this, I will go ahead and say that this rant is specifically targeted at straight cis men. Let me also say that I am all for having standards regarding who you will or won’t date and who you you will […]

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This Motion Has Got Me Wet Like Crazy: 90s Slow Jams

My sexual coming-of-age took place in the 90s, the decade in which I spent the entirety of my teenage years. It was a time when blatantly sexual R&B/slow jams were really coming into their prime, and thus made up a large portion of what whet my aural appetite. It was also a time when I […]

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When Fat Chicks Give Better Head

I did a post on Bitch called “Unicorns, Better Head and Other Myths” in which I briefly brought up the commonly-held belief that fat girls are better at blowjobs. Namely because they have such low self-esteem that they’re grateful for the opportunity to get anywhere near a dick, so they get really good at it. […]

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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Feeling Sexy: Take a Trip to the Toy Store

One of my suggestions to fat girls who want to learn to love their bodies is to learn to love your body. By which I mean, get intimate with yourself, explore what feels good to your individual body and learn to associate your fat body with pleasure. A great way to do that is through […]

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On Bitch Magazine: Interview With “Fat Bitch!” Creator Erica Watson

I had the pleasure of attending the April 30 performance of Erica Watson’s “Fat Bitch!” The show incisively cut through the societal baggage attached to being a fat woman using humor (hilariously!) and personal anecdotes. The finale video is something I hope everyone eventually gets to see because it is a work of comedy art. […]

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Take Off Your Clothes and Leave On Your Shoes

Even if you love your body, it can be intimidating to be completely naked in front of someone for the first time (or even the 20th time). One reason why I like wearing lingerie is actually because it gives me something sexy to have on that doesn’t have to be taken off if I don’t […]

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Is Sexual Fidelity the Most Important Part of a Relationship? Thoughts on Non-monogamy

Recently a new sex partner asked for my advice on how to deal with three women he was “seeing,” each of whom was interested in having a monogamous relationship with him. Being as how we had just had “no strings attached” sex, I asked him if he was really able to handle truly being monogamous. […]

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The Case For Sex-Positivity

[This article originally appeared on Zora & Alice.] It’s high time we as Black people learn to collectively embrace a sex-positive worldview. What do I mean by sex-positive? Sex-positivity equals acceptance of differing sexual orientations, acceptance of varying gender identities and presentations, non-marginalization of sex acts that are consensual, and promotion of healthy sexuality. Sounds […]

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