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Work That Hair, Girl

Every year or so I get tired of dealing with my hair and want to either get braids or hide it under a wig. Last year it was kinky twists that lasted about a day before my hair drew up and made them look like those strips of felt at the end of the car […]

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Well Look What We Have Here!

A new design! All hail the queen of web development, Lidia-Anain, AKA Toxic Euphoria, AKA an all-around amazing woman. If you’re looking to redesign your site, go to her and tell her I sent you! We’re still working out a few kinks, like the links page, and commenting is going to be weird until we […]

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Room With a View of the Back of Someone Else’s House

On my little vacation from blogging daily while I was over at Feministe, I spent a lot of time and some money redecorating and refurnishing my room. I got curtains for my closet (I removed the doors when we moved in some 5 years ago) so I can finally be able to look over there […]

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Too Many MCs, Not Enough Meta

Okay, I’ve abandoned the “post every day” thing I had going because my life became completely crazy. I was still writing, just not blog posts. This weekend I finally got to exhale so I did a post for IFMiB and wrote a post for RVS as well — until I remembered I’m guest blogging for […]

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You Meta Me Crazy

Couple of quick notes: I redid the header (again). I just couldn’t have that shoe there anymore. It’s simple, but nice. I like the font. I’m trying to emphasize I’m not some kook with a weird blog name. Sometimes I wonder why I kept this name, but the momentum started and I couldn’t take it […]

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New Happenings

Tomorrow I’ll be driving (well, riding) up to Oregon to visit family, a 12 hour ride with no Internet other than the awful EDGE network on my iPhone. I’ll be gone until the 5th. I should have Internet access while I’m up there, but I may be too busy to write or respond to comments […]

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When Editing Your Wardrobe is a Revolutionary Act

I’ve never been one to hold on to things. I don’t like having extraneous possessions, maybe because so many of my family members and friends are hoarder types. They keep things just because they might be useful one day; they buy things but never open them; they buy books they intend to read but just […]

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As Fat As I Wanna Be

I’m a bad fat. I can’t lie and say I do the HAES thing. I don’t exercise. The majority of what I eat is junk/fast food and I eat when I’m not really hungry. I had my gallbladder out not because I merely had gallstones but because I didn’t put the effort into avoiding foods […]

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Don’t Take it Personal: Alone But Not Lonely

I treasure my alone time. I would rather stay home writing or watching movies by myself more often than I feel like hanging out with my friends or going to party somewhere. As I’ve gotten older I find I’m less of a social person. I have a few close friends, but I avoid large gatherings […]

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Writing Under The Influence

Well, I made it out of my surgery alive but pretty sore and bruised. Seriously, y’all, it feels like someone went toe-to-toe with my abdomen and my abdomen lost big time. So I’m on pain medication at the moment, which will hopefully not totally prevent me from being able to do all the writing I […]

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