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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Feeling Sexy: Take a Trip to the Toy Store

One of my suggestions to fat girls who want to learn to love their bodies is to learn to love your body. By which I mean, get intimate with yourself, explore what feels good to your individual body and learn to associate your fat body with pleasure. A great way to do that is through […]

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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Feeling Sexy: Underneath it All

Okay, let me first clarify: I’m not saying that in order to be sexy, you have to wear/do any of this. This is for those fat girls out there who, like me, find the whole process of “primping” enjoyable. It’s also for those fat girls who would like to up their primping game and need […]

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The Fat Girl’s Guide to Feeling Sexy: Inner Beauty (Part One)

I’m starting this series called “The Fat Girl’s Guide to Feeling Sexy” to help other fat girls learn to see themselves as sexy. If you already have that down, hopefully the tips I give you can help you boost your already high self-esteem so you feel even sexier. Sound good? The first installation of this […]

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