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From Feministe: The Master’s Publishing House

[UPDATE: I have decided not to submit to Seal Press. I'm leaving this up, but feel free to not answer the question since it's already been answered.] In working on the anthology I’m editing/contributing to, Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image, an issue has come up over whether or not I should include […]

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Outlaw Clothing: Burqas, Islamophobia and Women’s Rights

The ongoing quest of the French government to preserve their country’s “secular traditions” came to the fore once again Tuesday when the lower house of France’s parliament voted to ban women from wearing any face-covering veil, such as the infamous burqa or the less “extreme” niqab — a move obviously targeting French Muslim women, of […]

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CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image – Deadline October 15, 2010

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS – Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image – Deadline October 15, 2010 I am soliciting essays for an anthology on women of color’s self-image/body image as shaped by family, friends, media, society, history, lived experiences, etc. I’m looking for smart, accessible, and snappy personal narratives that also offer nuanced analysis […]

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Black Like Barack

More and more I’m hearing grumbling from the black community that Obama isn’t doing enough to help us out. From not appointing a black woman to the Supreme Court (and I do agree, it’s high time that bridge gets crossed), to taking too long to give black farmers their settlement money, Obama is looking like, […]

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My Fat, Your Issues

So yesterday Jezebel contacted me and asked if they could republish “As Fat As I Wanna Be”, which I posted here I think a few days ago. Here’s the Jezebel link and all the glorious comments I’m preparing to shred. There are definitely those at Jezebel who get it, who don’t miss my point, and […]

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Elena Kagan’s Diversity Fail, or, White Women Can Be Racist Too!

I’m sorry I’m not jumping up and down and imagining Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sonia Sotomayor and new Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan having a slumber party just yet! It’s just this little thing: Kagan has a seriously dismal record on hiring both women and people of color (and of course, women of color) to fill […]

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As Fat As I Wanna Be

I’m a bad fat. I can’t lie and say I do the HAES thing. I don’t exercise. The majority of what I eat is junk/fast food and I eat when I’m not really hungry. I had my gallbladder out not because I merely had gallstones but because I didn’t put the effort into avoiding foods […]

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Don’t Take it Personal: Alone But Not Lonely

I treasure my alone time. I would rather stay home writing or watching movies by myself more often than I feel like hanging out with my friends or going to party somewhere. As I’ve gotten older I find I’m less of a social person. I have a few close friends, but I avoid large gatherings […]

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In Defense of Silicone

You may be wondering why I, a fat black chick, spend time championing the cause of (mostly) rich white women who choose to have plastic surgery. It’s not because I disagree with the point that the choice to alter your body surgically can be informed by internalization of societal beauty standards. It’s also not because […]

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Chipping Away at Choice

Anti-choice activists scored big on Tuesday when the Oklahoma Legislature voted to override the OK governor’s veto on two abortion bills. One of the bills is particularly blatant in its ploy to shame women into not choosing an abortion — it requires women to have an ultrasound, be shown the extremities, heart and organs of […]

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