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Room With a View of the Back of Someone Else’s House

On my little vacation from blogging daily while I was over at Feministe, I spent a lot of time and some money redecorating and refurnishing my room. I got curtains for my closet (I removed the doors when we moved in some 5 years ago) so I can finally be able to look over there […]

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From Feministe: The Master’s Publishing House

[UPDATE: I have decided not to submit to Seal Press. I'm leaving this up, but feel free to not answer the question since it's already been answered.] In working on the anthology I’m editing/contributing to, Occupied Bodies: Women of Color Speak on Self-Image, an issue has come up over whether or not I should include […]

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Too Many MCs, Not Enough Meta

Okay, I’ve abandoned the “post every day” thing I had going because my life became completely crazy. I was still writing, just not blog posts. This weekend I finally got to exhale so I did a post for IFMiB and wrote a post for RVS as well — until I remembered I’m guest blogging for […]

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Saturday Special: White People Talk Like This

I try to keep this blog as meta-free as possible, and by that I mean I try to avoid a lot of talk about me and my personal feelings or just random dealings regarding the blog. Whether or not I’m successful is another story. But I felt the need to address a particular issue that […]

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You Meta Me Crazy

Couple of quick notes: I redid the header (again). I just couldn’t have that shoe there anymore. It’s simple, but nice. I like the font. I’m trying to emphasize I’m not some kook with a weird blog name. Sometimes I wonder why I kept this name, but the momentum started and I couldn’t take it […]

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Zombie Blog Post #1

It’s kind of weird scheduling posts because I’m gone, but it keeps posting so I’m sure you all thought I was just ignoring your comments when actually, I’ve replied to e-mails only to approve comments going through and not actually reading comments. I’ll probably be able to respond to comments tomorrow. For a while I […]

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New Happenings

Tomorrow I’ll be driving (well, riding) up to Oregon to visit family, a 12 hour ride with no Internet other than the awful EDGE network on my iPhone. I’ll be gone until the 5th. I should have Internet access while I’m up there, but I may be too busy to write or respond to comments […]

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