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We Don’t Know and We Don’t Want to Know

As the country becomes more and more divided, at least according to polls, it seems as if there’s no real voice of reason in politics or the media to cut through the fog of partisan arguing, culture warring and political posturing. I find myself unable to really trust what I read in the news without […]

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Look! Black People Are Totally Racist Too!

[Cross-posted from Feministe] Fox News dropped this bombshell in the early hours of July 20 (or the late night of July 19, as it is for me). Apparently someone was able to dig up a video of a black USDA worker telling an audience of other black people about having to help a white farmer […]

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When You Have To Say It: Tea Party Racism (Again) and You?

Why I continue to follow links relating to the Tea Party and whatever problematic tripe they’re spewing on that particular day, I don’t know. I only have a certain amount of anxiety medication allotted each month and I can’t afford to waste it. When I saw that the NAACP called the Tea Party a bunch […]

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The One Drop Rule

These days it seems like things are going back to the way they were in the good old days, only with a few tweaks. You’ve got proud racists, anti-abortion “feminists”, and now it looks like we’re getting a 21st century reboot of the “one drop rule”. This time, however, it’s one drop of white blood […]

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Sarah Palin, The Redneck

I am growing increasingly tired of Sarah Palin posing as some kind of working class hero. It just rings false, and she’s been doing it since she first arrived on the political scene. Recently she was regaling a NRA convention crowd with “you might be a redneck if…” jokes and claiming they described her to […]

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